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Oculus Rolled Out A Fix For The Battery Drain Issue

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Oculus-Rolled-Out-A-Fix-For-The-Battery-Drain-Issue-300x129 Oculus Rolled Out A Fix For The Battery Drain IssueThe Samsung’s Gear VR compatible smartphones have received an update for the Facebook-owned Oculus app on Thursday. According to a report on the web, the update causes massive battery drain of the smartphone but only on some selected users. The continues reinstall mode of the app was causing the battery drain thanks to the CPU which remains in in high active mode and instead prevent the smartphone from going into sleep mode. The Samsung’s Gear Virtual Reality hardware was powered by the app.


Though the issue does not seem to be universal but it does extend to Samsung galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S7, and Galaxy S7 Edge explained a report.  Some users complained the battery drain to be severe at a rate of 70 percent in three hours. After the second Oculus update, it is expected that the issue would have been solved and the Gear VR owners will be able to enjoy the VR experience once again.


The company said in a statement that they have pushed an update for the Oculus app, which unintentionally causes serious battery drain. But now out developer team has rolled out another update that will fix the issue which the users will find while opening the app next time.