oddWires collaborates With Zerynth on IoT Deployment

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oddWires-collaborates-With-Zerynth-on-IoT-Deployment oddWires collaborates With Zerynth on IoT DeploymentoddWires, a San Ramon, California-based electronic parts supplier, in a recent press release statement on Tuesday, Mar. 5th 2019, announced its partnership with Zerynth, an Italian IoT middleware. Following this announcement, oddWires IoT-Bus will now support Zerynth embedded Python/C, enabling manufacturers to boost IoT development from idea to deployment with integrated support for Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud and others. Zerynth support extends to two of the oddWires IoT-Bus ESP32-based boards namely, Io and Proteus.

The oddWires IoT-Bus system is a cost-effective open design based on the Espressif ESP32 processor that features “plug and play” functionality employing stackable modules and support for multiple platforms and frameworks, which include Mozilla IoT, Alexa, and Google Home.

IoT-Bus, with its rock-solid foundation, supports a range of highly cost-effective and compatible range of modules based on the ESP32 240MHz Dual-core Processor with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth support. The initial release of the IoT-Bus system includes eight modules including controller modules, processor modules, communications modules as well a QVGA 320×240 Touch-sensitive TFT Display and prototyping board.

The IoT-Bus processor modules come with standard Wi-Fi & Bluetooth functionality along with LoRa and CAN Bus availability. Furthermore, the firmware includes secure boot, flash encryption, hardware acceleration for AES, Hash (SHA-2), RSA and ECC.