OjO Electric Partners With CalAmp to Launch Its E-Scooter Sharing Service

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OjO-Electric-Partners-With-CalAmp-to-Launch-Its-E-Scooter-Sharing-Service OjO Electric Partners With CalAmp to Launch Its E-Scooter Sharing ServiceCalAmp, a technology solutions pioneer transforming the globally connected economy, in a statement on Tuesday, Jan. 8th 2019, announced entering into a partnership agreement with OjO Electric, LLC, in an attempt to boost access to on-demand electric vehicle sharing for first-mile/last-mile (FM/LM) transportation. OjO Electric, plans the inaugural launch of the OjO rideshare service on Jan. 21st 2019 in Austin, Texas with roll-out plan in other urban areas across the US, Europe, and Asia.

CalAmp & Premier Wireless Solutions are supporting the launch of the OjO’s electric scooter (e-scooter) sharing service by providing real-time location, mileage, geo-fencing, battery usage, and other diagnostics to enable, Collaborated Deployment – in association with local authorities to make OjO e-scooters safer for riders, drivers and pedestrians with features like speed reduction alerts and efficient fleet management capabilities; Strategic Deployment – in heavily congested areas of cities or around special events to help alleviate traffic volume; and Mandatory Scooter Locking – is required in established geo-fenced drop-off areas, for which the riders will be incentivized appropriately, but if not then riders will be penalized for misuse.

According to Max Smith, CEO, OjO Electric, city governments have a hand in determining who the winners and losers will be in the race for the future of micro-mobility. OjO’s Commuter Scooters redefine personal mobility by providing a safe, sustainable and smart alternative transportation. OjO’s goal is to further bridge the gap between tech and transport, bringing them together, to provide an enriched street experience. OjO plans to treat each individual city where it launches its service as a partner, not a playground, and is cooperating with cities all around the globe to provide a transit solution that reduces urban litter, keeps citizens safe on the roads and reduces traffic congestion.