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Omega 2 Announced By Startup For $5

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Omega-2-Announced-By-Startup-For-5-300x129 Omega 2 Announced By Startup For $5A crowd-funding campaign for a Linux server development kit the size of a stamp that has onboard flash storage and integrated Wi-Fi has been completed by Onion Corp. a Boston-based startup. This Linux development kit will aid developers to build IoT (Internet of Things) applications and hardware. The IndieGoGo crowd-funding campaign was started by the startup in the month of July and by August the company had exceeded its funding target 4,400 times over with a total pledged funding of $773,440. The new Omega 2 computer is compatible with power-sipping Arduino motherboard and poses the flexibility of a Raspberry Pi Computer.


The Omega 2 is expected to ship in the month of December. This computer will have two variations a 64 MB RAM and 16MB flash storage which will be available for $5 and a 128MB RAM and 32MB storage with an external storage support will be available for a little more than $9. There will be a 580MHz CPU in both these versions. Expansion to support for Bluetooth, cellular and GPS connections is also available.


A starter kit that has the computer, micro USB cable, LED screen, expansion dock, keypad and a few other items included can be purchased for $75.