OmniSci Reports Wide-Ranging Growth Post Rebranding


OmniSci-Reports-Wide-Ranging-Growth-Post-Rebranding OmniSci Reports Wide-Ranging Growth Post RebrandingOmniSci, a San Francisco, California-based GPU ( graphics processing units)-accelerated big data analytics company, just five months into its rebranding on Sep. 27th 2018, from MapD, is reporting “wide-ranging growth” with a significant increase in both revenue and size of its customer base. The California-based company claims that its wide-ranging growth report is the result of its technology that enables organizations to conduct advanced big data analytics “at extreme speed”.

According to Todd Mostak, OmniSci CEO, the company’s customers are increasingly battling against the limitations of mainstream analytics tools in the age of big data. Further pointing out at the processing challenges that are quite common in high-frequency decision-making such as interactive queries and visualization of large datasets, he says that they’re beyond the capabilities of CPU-based solutions. OmniSci has proven the value of its technology to query and visualize big data at the speed of curiosity, with its momentum, especially in the past 12 months.

The company will be moving into its new San Francisco headquarters in the first half of 2019, further, the company also has plans to double its workforce by the end of 2019. Last year, in Apr. 2018, the company launched its MapD Cloud, the first GPU-accelerated cloud analytics solution. Later in the fall of 2018, prior to its rebranding, OmniSci announced its partnerships with Nvidia and Pure Storage.

Later in Oct. 2018, the company raised $55 million in Series C funding round bringing the company’s total worth to $92 million. OmniSci’ major investors include Tiger Global Management, New Enterprise Associates, Vanedge Capital, In-Q-Tel, Verizon, Google Ventures and Nvidia.