Onera Health Bags USD 9.3 Million To Pilot Sleep Diagnostics Patch System

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Onera_Health-Bags-USD-9.3-Million-To-Pilot-Sleep-Diagnostics-Patch-System Onera Health Bags USD 9.3 Million To Pilot Sleep Diagnostics Patch SystemOnera Health Inc., a Palo Alto, California-based digital health startup, has bagged USD 9.3 million in Series A funding round to support its sleep diagnostic patch system. The funding round was led by Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Imec.xpand, along with participants from Imec and BOM. With the intention of transforming sleep diagnostics, the company said that Onera is developing a patch-based sleep testing product designed to replace a number of sensors normally attached to the face, scalp, chest, and limbs. The product will allow patients to undergo conventional in-lab sleep testing at home, the company said.

Seated in California, with R&D offices in the Netherlands, Onera focuses on innovate sleep testing solutions which are fast, convenient and clinically accurate. The company, over the next few months, plans to launch pilot programs across the nation to work with leaders in sleep medicine. As part of the announcement, Onera Health Co-founder and CEO Raphael Michel pointed out that our mission is to help the medical field provide the much-needed answers for millions who are affected by sleep disorders. He continues that for far too long, people avoided searching for those answers because understanding their issues was expensive, inconvenient or unreliable. And nobody enjoys spending hours hooked up to sensors in a sleep lab. Soon, thanks to our technology partnership with Imec, our medical-grade, disposable patches will accurately diagnose sleep-related ailments in the comfort of a patient’s own bed and using it will be as simple as putting on a band-aid.

Michel further added that we’re making sleep diagnosis accessible to many without compromising quality. And thanks to our partnership with Jazz and the recent approval of their drug Sunosi for excessive daytime sleepiness associated with narcolepsy or obstructive sleep apnea, we keep expanding the continuum of sleep care.