Onfido Announces its Support to 2nd Address to Digitally Verify Renters


Onfido-Announces-its-Support-to-2nd-Address-to-Digitally-Verify-Renters Onfido Announces its Support to 2nd Address to Digitally Verify RentersOnfido, a software company that helps businesses digitally verify identities of individuals, which was recently in news last month, when it announced its plans to expand into the French markets, and its partnership agreement with Idemia, is yet again in the news. As per recent reports, the company will be bringing its technology to the San Francisco-based online rental marketplace, 2nd Address.

According to Husayn Kassai, CEO and co-founder of Onfido, the rentals market these days is gaining more popularity, thanks to millions of online transactions that happen on a monthly basis. It’s rather become cumbersome to identify if the customers are really what they claim to be. Adding further he said that Onfido brings trust to the digital interactions space all around the world and prides itself in delivering an experience that’s as rapid as it is robust.

2nd Address is a provider of furnished, long-term rental accommodations to business professionals in the US. The company plans to leverage Onfido’s identity verification technology to digitally verify and onboard new renters at the initial point of booking and helping protect hosts against fraud along the way.

Onfido’s identity verification process is quite simple and straightforward. All the potential renter needs to do is take a selfie and a photo of their identity document, and upload it, then Onfido’s technology determines if the ID provided is legitimate or not, and further compares the selfie image uploaded with the photo on the ID.

According to Chung-Man Tam, CEO, 2nd Address, the company is committed to making sure that its guest experience a modern booking process and its hosts receive high-quality guests. With Onfido, the company can deliver a seamless experience to its users and create a safe and trustful environment that’s crucial to the community along the way.