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Online Dermatology Treatment Service Provided BY Walgreens

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Online-Dermatology-Treatment-Service-Provided-BY-Walgreens-300x129 Online Dermatology Treatment Service Provided BY WalgreensProviding online dermatological information, care and treatment Walgreen Boots Alliance Inc. have proven once again that it is much ahead of the trend. Apart from paying the consultation fee of $59 users have to either visit Walgreens.com website or use the app for the same purpose. Walgreens was able to provide these services because of its newly found partnership with the Iagnosis Inc. which provides a service called DermatologistOnCall. Teledermatology solutions were provided to the dermatology providers, practices and health systems by Iagnosis.


Treatment plans for about 3000 skin conditions, nail conditions and hair conditions can be sent within 24 hours for anyone who posts a photograph of the same on a secure and private platform by a United states-based and boar-certified dermatologist. This solution from Walgreens has also solved another vital issue i.e. dramatically reducing the wait time to get an appointment with the dermatologist which is about 29 days in the United States mentioned a report.


This service is expected to increase the number of people visiting the digital channel per day, which currently is noted to be 2 million according to Walgreen. Walgreen’s pharmacy cart recommendation will also be made in addition to the $59 consultation fee which will also make another revenue stream for the company.