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Online Game Forum Hack Oozed 2 Million Account Data

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Online-Game-Forum-Hack-Oozed-2-Million-Account-Data-300x129 Online Game Forum Hack Oozed 2 Million Account DataA Dota 2 the popular online multiplayer game forum is allegedly hacked and the hacker has stolen almost 2 million accounts. A copy of the leaked database was online where users can look for their username and password in the stolen wealth of hacked data.


The older vBulletin forum software which powers the community uses an SQL injection vulnerability which the hacker took advantage of, which allowed them to access limited user data, email, username, IP address of the users.


The MD5 encrypted user password was also leaked but the MD5 is considered as an insecure algorithm in the modern standards. Using a rudimentary run-of-the-mill cracking tool about 80 percent of the passwords were already been decoded which rounds to about 1.54 million mentioned the hacker group. The hacker groups were pretty famous with the software that the forum uses, so it is not thought that the similar attacks around the same time are any way related to this one. It was declared by the hackers group that more than half of the users who joined this forum used a Gmail account to sign in through a blog post. Many of the accounts may be thousands are disposable they mentioned.