Online Stores Are Compromised For Payment Card Data Theft


Hackers Online Stores Are Compromised For Payment Card Data TheftHackers have created a code designed specifically to intercept and capture the payment card details. A report mentioned about 6000 shops been compromised in this security breach. Willem de Groot first discovered these online skimming attacks about a year ago which at that time has only affected around 3500 stores. Now the situation is getting worse instead of getting better. The number of infected stores grew to 4476 by March and 5925 till September. A report said that around 750 stores who were skimming unwillingly in 2015 are still doing it. Which means the kind of activity can go on undetected for a very long time.


There is more than one group involved in the attack suggested the report. Today there are three distinct malware families with around nine variants, which has grown from three different variants of a single code in the year 2015. The earlier version of the malware only intercept pages that had checkout in the URL, while the recent versions are capable of checking out payment plugins.


Content management solutions and e-commerce software are the main sources for the deployment of the complicated code that the software owners have are unable to patch till date