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Only About 30 % Of General Counsel Use Third-Party E-Billing Software

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Only-About-30-Of-General-Counsel-Use-Third-Party-E-Billing-Software-1-300x129 Only About 30 % Of General Counsel Use Third-Party E-Billing SoftwareLegal expenditure and increased efficiency can be achieved by third-party e-billing system. A report recently mentioned that in major corporations only a third of the general counsel are using it. Including the replies from 76 of the Fortune 1000 companies, the report mentioned that to process the legal bills only 29 percent of the general counsels are using a third party e-billing system and said the saving can be substantial. Only 25 percent of the e-billing divisions outside spending was been saved mentioned about 82 percent of the companies. And only 18 percent mentioned a saving of 50 percent.


A few other advantages are also been reported by those who have incorporated third-party billing system. 32 percent said that the eased the reporting on legal budget and spending, while little more than a 30 percent reported increased efficiency. E-billing software is likely to adopt more widely in future mentioned the report due to the increased efficiency and savings. About 70 percent said in the past two years they have recognized a greater emphasize on software solutions and legal metrics.


76 percent said both internal and external general budget report data, 52 percent said total expense for a specific group of matters by the organization when asked about the type of legal matrices their organization intent to collect the coming year.