OpenFin closes $17m Series C


OpenFin-closes-17m-Series-C OpenFin closes $17m Series COpenFin, the operating system (OS) of finance headquartered in New York, NY, as per recent reports this week, has just closed a Series C funding round, raising $17 million in investment financing. The recent Series C round was led by Wells Fargo, a San Francisco, California-based multinational financial services company, and was participated by Barclays, along with OpenFin’s existing investors, which includes Bain Capital Ventures, JP Morgan, and Pivot Investment Partners. With this recent investment funding round, OpenFin has to date raised a total amount of $40 million in venture funding.

The New York-based firm plans on utilizing this newly raised capital to make the OpenFin OS ubiquitous on financial desktops and to further fund product innovations, which also includes OpenFin’s Cloud Services offering that enables institutions to provide their own unique private app stores for employees and customers.

“Apple and Google’s mobile operating systems and app stores have enabled more than a million apps that have fundamentally changed how we live,” explains Mazy Dar, CEO, and co-founder of OpenFin. “OpenFin OS and our new app store services enable the next generation of desktop apps that are transforming how we work in financial services.”

“Agility and interoperability are core pillars of our digital strategy because time is a precious resource, especially in a banking environment. OpenFin accelerates our innovation cycle and allows us to create better workflows, enabling our colleagues and clients to make more productive use of their time,” states Brett Tejpaul, head of digital and client strategy at Barclays Investment Bank.