Optane Intel’s New Superfast SSD

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Optane-Intel’s-new-superfast-SSD-300x129 Optane Intel’s New Superfast SSDIntel’s superfast Optane SSD and memory will work with AMD-powered PCs as well and not limited to Intel-powered PCs only. Senior VP and General Manager of the company’s Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group mentioned in a statement that the company intends to make acceptance of Optane easier for consumer hardware manufacturers it is not restricted to what chipset used in the system.


The company claims the 3D XPoint the technology on which the Optane is based is 10 times more powerful than a flash storage. Optane is a brand name and a class apart which will make PCs significantly faster. At the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, California both Facebook and Intel who tested the SSD prototypes in servers said that the transfer speed between the storage and CPU has tripled. Intel is adding the backward compatibility to this SSD so that an immediate hardware change will not be required to incorporate this SSD.


In server applications and gaming Optanes benefits will be clearly observed, as a whole chapter of the game can be loaded onto the SSD and gamers don’t have to wait for the game to load. The company intends to land optane in the market by the end of this year targeting servers and high-end PCs.