Oracle Adds New Features To Its Blockchain Platform

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Oracle_Adds-New-Features-To-Its-Blockchain-Platform Oracle Adds New Features To Its Blockchain PlatformComputer software company Oracle has introduced new capabilities to its Oracle Blockchain Platform, making it easier for developers to put together their Blockchain applications with existing business and IT systems. The company’s new features in its platform are intended to enable businesses and developers to utilize their existing skills to develop and manage their applications. The platform also now supports Hyperledger Fabric 1.3, adding features like chaincode development in Java.

As the Oracle Blockchain Platform became generally available, the company has also highlighted new customers that utilizing its nascent technology. The Blockchain is a shared, distributed ledger technology which can store complete transaction histories. As technology has a range of use cases for enterprises, Oracle’s platform makes Blockchain technology available-as-a-service. The new features in Oracle Blockchain platform also allow businesses to utilize external identity providers for authentication. The updated feature should assist consortium Blockchains with many varied participants, all of which may be utilizing diverse identity management systems. Additionally, businesses can also now utilize third-party certificates to register client organizations on the Blockchain network.

Recently, China Distance Education Holdings Limited has joined Oracle’s Blockchain customers’ space to share educational records and professional certifications across multiple educational institutions by using Blockchain technology. This supports employers and recruiters authenticate individuals’ claimed educational credentials. Other than that, the business Circulor, transforming compound supply chains using Blockchain technology and AI for ethical sourcing using distributed ledgers, utilizes Blockchain to track conflict minerals from their origin at mines to processing and use in electronic components. Oracle Blockchain customers come from Arab Jordan Investment Bank, Certified Origins, CargoSmart, HealthSync, and ICS Financial Systems.