Oracle Extends Partnership with Altair

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Oracle_-Extends-_Partnership_-with-_Altair-300x200 Oracle Extends Partnership with AltairHigh-end simulation specialist Altair and Oracle are all set to extend their partnership for providing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) services to the Oracle cloud. The HPC simulations will now tab into GPU cloud instances and data pipelines going by the recent press reports by Oracle and Nvidia.

Earlier this month, we have seen Oracle (NYSE: ORCL) achieving the title of first public cloud vendor with the support of GPU specialist Nvidia’s HGX-2. This came to be known later as the multi-precision computing platform.

All of these are evidence to prove the ability of GPU for either precision or speed depending on their application.
Altair (NASDAQ: ALTR), Troy, Mich., on Wednesday (Oct. 23) has released a new CFD service which runs on the Oracle cloud packages for transporting aerodynamics and power train simulators. This partnership has been providing customers the ability to use GPU-based solvers for accelerating cloud performances without the need of purchasing an expensive hardware, says Sam Mahalingam, CTO of Enterprise Solutions for Altair.

Among the latest Oracle partnerships, The HPC simulation with Altair is beefing up their cloud offerings. They are now jockeying for the top position in public cloud aspects. Earlier this week, Oracle extended its support for AMD’s EPYC processor, with instant availability in Oracle cloud’s eastern regions of U.S.