Oracle Says AI and Blockchain Will Impact The Enterprise In 2019

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Oracle_Says-AI-and-Blockchain-Will-Impact-The-Enterprise-In-2019 Oracle Says AI and Blockchain Will Impact The Enterprise In 2019As Artificial Intelligence technology, these days, empowering individuals as well as enterprises, computer software company Oracle made some technology trends that would have a higher impact on decision-makers in companies in coming days.

According to the research report from Ovum’s ICT Enterprise Insights Survey, 60 percent of businesses will have an enterprise-wide strategy for AI in 2019. The report anticipated that more of the companies seeking practical ways to implement AI into their business, and a key approach will be through having AI embedded into their applications. For AI adoption, one of the major business drivers is its enormous power to fuel productivity and business efficiency. A recent survey of international senior decision makers by Oracle illustrated that 42 percent of them already looking AI tech to advance efficiency within their company. And with constant enhancements to its cognitive AI capabilities, those accomplishments are just going to get bigger. By 2025, the productivity gains delivered by AI and increased experiences could be as high as 50 percent in contrast to today’s operations, Oracle predicted. In terms of automation, the company anticipated that 85 percent of all interactions will be automated through AI-powered bots and interactive assistants. e

Blockchain, on another side, will not just start to become more widespread in businesses, but also it will become the key factor of transparency and trust in 2019. It comes from the understating that it can be utilized to perform far more than legalize monetary transactions. However, businesses already perceive the technology being utilized to validate the extra productions and to bring a sole source of truth into the documentation procedures.