Oracle’s Move To Acquire DataFox Shows Audacious Step Into Artificial Intelligence

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Oracles_DataFox-Acquisition-Signals-Bold-Step-into-AI Oracle’s Move To Acquire DataFox Shows Audacious Step Into Artificial IntelligenceThe effective utilization of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are deemed critical to the successful development of CRM (Customer-relationship Management) in the future. That’s why Oracle recently acquired DataFox, an AI-powered sales-enablement company to assist its future ambitions in the CRM marketplace. In last year October, the Oracle’s DataFox acquisition was completed that will offer Oracle’s customers a Cloud-based AI system, with an array of applications that have already been developed around its technology.

Oracle has been looking at AI as a leading edge blooming with possibility, and the deal seems like it can go a long way to meeting those ambitions. The DataFox offering, like several other Machine Learning platforms of this sort, depends heavily on its ability to utilize and then frame data. Part of the value of such applications is the ability to populate a CRM system with pre-existing data then enable sales and marketing teams to take it from there. In the case of DataFox, it includes making sense of the data to make smart talking points, i.e. possible warm leads for sales teams. The CRM system can be customized to try to find other opportunities that are analogous in nature to those where a company has already capitalized on. It can automatically prioritize on a customized, weighable system of reference. DataFox keeps on to offer further development on the back-end of the system with additional customization designed to enhance the platform’s precision.

DataFox, as with other this kind of systems, draws deeply on widely obtainable sources of information regarding companies like news, reference documents, and company portals. The Artificial Intelligence tech requires training to identify forged news that is today, becoming one of the big challenges for data monitoring services. Moreover, Oracle stated that it will immediately utilize the DataFox information and products, with additional strategies for future products.