Oracle’s New Opower Cloud Service Provides Helpful Insight To The Rooftop Solar Customers 

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Oracles_New-Opower-Cloud-Service-Provides-Helpful-Insight-To-The-Rooftop-Solar-Customers Oracle's New Opower Cloud Service Provides Helpful Insight To The Rooftop Solar Customers One of the largest providers of enterprise software and computer hardware products and services, Oracle is equipping utilities to serve as trusted advisor to increasing active customers through its new Oracle Utilities Opower Distributed Energy Resources Customer Engagement Cloud Service. Initially, the offering provides rooftop solar customers helpful insight into their utility bills and energy savings and will increase to deal with other kinds of distributed energy resources (DERs) like electric vehicles and residential battery storage in the future.

Oracle Utilities Opower Distributed Energy Resources Customer Engagement is one of four new products and over 100 new features in the Opower platform that is the industry’s leading series of customer engagement and energy efficiency Cloud services. As noted by Wood Mackenzie, the global energy, chemicals, renewable, metals and mining research, and consultancy group, Solar is the second fastest growing resource, followed by natural gas on second place in the U.S., and more than the last four years, residential solar has grown by 500+MW every quarter. However, many early adopters have been appalled with their expectation of utility bill savings versus the reality.  This is resulting in an influx of calls to their utility providers that have proven to be up to USD 8 more expensive and considerably longer than non-solar related calls. Oracle Utilities Opower Distributed Energy Resources Customer Engagement, on the basis of extensive research into the solar customer journey, addresses these challenges by offering utility customers with a personalized set of insights and advice related to their overall energy production, usage, and resulting bill.

With this new Oracle Utilities Opower Cloud service, utilities can now send new solar customers onboarding communications describing what to expect and how solar billing works. And new or existing consumers can leverage online tools and insights to understand their net energy consumption. Solar customers will also overview of their bills and a comparison of how their energy charges have changed since using solar. As a result, customers will be happy and utilities can lessen expensive call center volume. This Oracle’s new offering is powered by the world’s largest residential energy data analytics platform with over 1.6 trillion meter reads from over 60 million households and businesses, across 100 utilities.