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Orange Pi i96 Developer Board Costs Only $9.99

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Orange-Pi-i96-Developer-Board-Costs-Only-9-300x129 Orange Pi i96 Developer Board Costs Only $9.99Orange Pi developer board is priced at only $9.99 but is capable of being incorporated into a robot, smart gadget or drone. The Raspberry Pi is much more powerful and can be a Linux PC and the Orange Pi i96 must not be confused with that. Orange Pi is smaller in size and power as well; it can be used in Internet of Things, Drones, and smart gadgets etc. Orange Pi is first announced at the Las Vegas, Linaro Connect Conference and one can rely on this board for a show off at a maker fair like an event.


With Wi-Fi, 2GB of RAM and 4GB of Flash Storage the board has no rivals for its specs, price range and the kind of market it was targeted for. A Linux-based Ubuntu OS, MicroSD card slot, and Micro USB connections make it a versatile board.  Though the board can be, compare to some other developer boards like Intel’s Quark microcontroller developer kit D2000 which sells at $15 or Raspberry Pi Zero selling for $5. Both the boards don’t have Wi-Fi or Internal storage. The i96 also have a low-end 32-bit Cortex A5 processor and camera interface, which will be a good addition in case the board is fitted into a drone or robot for computer vision.