Orbitera Acquired By Google To Progress In Cloud

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Orbitera-Acquired-By-Google-To-Progress-In-Cloud-300x129 Orbitera Acquired By Google To Progress In CloudOrbitera, a startup aiming at solutions that make it easy for the software vendors to trade cloud-based products to organizations has been purchased by Google. For deploying and managing cloud applications and billing organizations who use them, there is a set of tools provided by the startup. As of now the company is supporting Microsoft Azure and AWS (Amazon Web Services). On the other hand, Google said that it will continue to support software deployments on a platform other than its own.


To allow businesses to try out enterprise software using the cloud is a key feature of Orbitera. When a user requests a trail the already structured profile of proof of concept environments was deployed automatically. The company intends to support multi-cloud deployments said Google unambiguously. While Microsoft and Amazon both support multi-cloud deployments it is somewhat different from that of Google as the marketing is focused on getting customers to normalize on their individual services.


Google might believe building the enterprise credibility in the cloud will allow them to be on the ecosystem side which has always been a great area to increase community adoption and engagement. This deal appears to blend nicely with the company’s acquisition of Bebop. In order to build cloud apps easily, Bebop is building some tools.