OVH Public Cloud Is Now In The U.S. With Built On OpenStack

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OVH_-Public_-Cloud_-Is_-Now_-In_-The_-U.S._-With_-Built_-On_-OpenStack OVH Public Cloud Is Now In The U.S. With Built On OpenStackOVH a French cloud provider is now launching it’s built on OpenStack in the  U.S. talking about which the company’s executives say that, it is more open, transparent alternative in comparison to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. It basically fits perfect for all those enterprises that don’t like to lock-in.

OpenStack is characterized with No vendor lock-in, no ingress-egress charges, and enables public cloud open source model. Even though many companies worldwide may not know the name OVH, We still remain as the perfect global partners, says Russell P. Reeder, CEO of OVH, US. The cloud Public Cloud is available in the East Coast data center, and will soon reach the West Coast data center by next year January. The public cloud provides the block, archive, and object storage powered by OpenStack Swift and CEPH. The company has established two data centers in the U.S; one in Vint Hill, Virginia, and a second in Hillsboro, Oregon. These data centers are equipped with OVH’s water-cooling technology. They reduce energy use and related costs and later these savings are passed on to cloud customers, creating an advantage to the American market. OVH excels in terms of efficiency, scalability, and a cost-effectivity and also features high performance, profitability, and price leaders

The French cloud company consists of more than 1.5 million customers worldwide including the U.S. even before the opening of American data centers. The company is analyzed to be steadily growing its U.S. business to take on AWS, Microsoft, and Google.