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Ovrecharge’s New Levitating Wireless Charger

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Ovrecharge’s-New-Levitating-Wireless-Charger-300x129 Ovrecharge’s New Levitating Wireless ChargerImagine your mobile device may it be a smartphone or tablet charging and levitating simultaneously. Yes, that’s true a Canadian design company OvRecharge is offering this feature in its new wireless charger. Electromagnetic suspension to levitate your iOS or Android device over a square wooden platform with magnetic induction charging has been combined this 15-year-old company.


The wireless charger comes in three colors Cherry, Walnut and dark and two sizes OvRecharge (small 5.5 inches for smartphones) and OvRecharge Ultra (large 6.75 inches for tablets). Though the thickness of the two sizes is the same at 13/8 inch. Apart from the size what differentiates the two models are the power rating, while the OvRecharge has a 500 mAh equivalent the OvRecharge Ultra gives a 700 mAh equivalent.


Both the wireless chargers levitates and slowly rotates the device for aesthetics purpose. The charger only works with a specially designed mobile/tablet case that comes along with it but the users have to mention what kind of pin configuration they want lightning connector or micro USB.


The OvRecharge package contains the stand and the case (iPhone 5 and above and Android Samsung, LG, Sony and Huawei). The price of the device is set for $239 OvRecharge at $259 for the OvRecharge Ultra.