Packet deal with SBA reciprocates the Vapor IO Partnership

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Packet_-deal_-with_-SBA_-reciprocates-_the_-Vapor-_IO-_Partnership Packet deal with SBA reciprocates the Vapor IO PartnershipSimilar to Packet deal with SBA was Vapor IO and cell tower owner Crown Castle announced last year. This deal has seen Vapor IO committing to an investment and partnership with Crown Castle for deployment of edge data centers at Crown Castle sites.

This investment initiated into the Project Volutus joint venture. But recently Vapor has taken over Crown Castle’s management and deployment functions. Now, to our greatest surprise, Packet is also working with Vapor IO. The two firms have announced earlier this year with 5G-capable infrastructure in edge locations facilitating the pay-as-you-go pricing model. This platform is anticipated to provide more cost-effectively managed edge computing deployments for service providers. Vapor IO will be seen monitoring physical facilities, operating the lit fiber networking, and providing real-time infrastructure management. While. The packet will be operating the computing service by using the “on-demand” model which can be accessed through its portal, API, or through integration platforms like Terraform and Ansible. This model will also differentiate the two companies in the market, where Packet will be focused on the cloud, while Vapor is more focused on the “physical layer.”

Packet’s new CTO Ihab Tarazi says that all the cooling, power, and some software automation are what Vapor IO will provide. While the company will be building an edge data center with an edge cloud. Basically, he says the cloud layer is Packet and the data center layer is Vapor IO, where the cloud layer includes servers and storage.