Paxata takes Instana’s help for Code-Level Insights

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Paxata-takes-Instana’s-help-for-Code-Level-Insights Paxata takes Instana’s help for Code-Level InsightsPaxata, a privately owned California-based self-service data preparation software company that prepares data for data analytics tools, is leveraging Instana’s application performance monitoring (APM) software to access the bigger picture i.e. get code-level visibility of its containerized applications.  The company’ shift to a containerized environment with Kubernetes and Dockers, began recently.

The company had been using monitoring tools, but they were too traditional and bland for its taste. According to David Levinger, VP of development and cloud operations at Paxata, these application issues were greatly hampering productivity by their extremely time-consuming and tedious nature. Adding further he said that, owing to these issues, although it was able to tell if or not the code is functioning or system is running, it could not tell anything regarding its performance, on how it was performing and when it wasn’t. To answer this company needed much deeper insight.

Continuing Levinger said that the key point that differentiates them with their competitors is, interactivity at scale, this where Instana extended its support. The company, while deploying Instana, was trying to figure out how to improve its services, how to provide its customer a much smoother and responsive interface, something unique that’s kind of dig into its code. Shortly within a day or two, the company came across a massive set of performance issues on the code-level that it never realized to be there. They surfaced all of the sudden, the company was able to see exactly where the code was misbehaving and when it was misbehaving. Shortly after its initial deployment, the company also deployed Instana’s software development kit (SDK) to gain actionable insight at its websocket layer. The deployment showed them 15 to 20 major performance issues. Not just that, the developers could see, how and why the code was behaving irregularly and were able to fix them at the code-level. Concluding he said that there was an “immediacy of value” for Paxata which was provided by Instana.