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PC Applications On A Phone, Surely The Idea Sound Interesting

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PC-Applications-On-A-Phone-Surely-The-Idea-Sound-Interesting-300x129 PC Applications On A Phone, Surely The Idea Sound InterestingLaunched earlier this year the HP Elite X3 stood alone as the epitome of Microsoft’s PC-as-phone vision while Microsoft was in process of taking down its mobile hardware division. Nevertheless, it appears the ability of X3 to run PC software on the phone’s hardware might be the feature of the future Windows 10 mobile phones. In the fall of 2017, it is anticipated that the Microsoft’s Redstone 3 update will bring x86 emulation. The utility of Continuum, the Windows 10 mobile flagship featurescould be dramatically improved with the x86 support. As of now, the only software that works in the continuum mode is the Windows apps but it is expected that in the future the mobile can be used as a PC when connected to an external display and keyboard. The Windows apps have limited numbers and do not meet the demand of PC enthusiasts and business users.


The X3 Elite runs x86 PC apps not on the device but in a virtualized cloud. As most of the software used by professionals are, resource hungry the idea of emulating PC programs on a mobile phone seems challenging. The emulation if achieved will keep the vision of a surface phone alive. However, not necessarily it be a phone rather a device with cellular connectivity.