Pepperdata announces Availability of 360° Reports to help make Informed Operational Decisions

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Pepperdata-announces-Availability-of-360°-Reports-to-help-make-Informed-Operational-Decisions Pepperdata announces Availability of 360° Reports to help make Informed Operational DecisionsPepperdata, a Cupertino, California-based big data Application Performance Management (APM) company, in a recent press release statement, announced the general availability of 360° Reports for Platform Spotlight. The company’s 360° Reports, by leveraging the vast amount of proprietary data collected and correlated by Pepperdata, offers executives actionable future insights on capacity utilization to help them better understand the financial impacts of operational decisions.

According to Ash Munshi, CEO, Pepperdata, the Pepperdata 360° Reports demonstrating the potential of proprietary data and the valuable insights the company provides, helps enterprise’ executives to make more informed and effective operational decisions. Furthermore, the reports also assist operators, giving them a better understanding of what and where they’re spending, where policy and resource adjustments can be made to save money and maximize capacity, and where waste can be reclaimed to improve application performance.

The 360° Reports for Pepperdata Platform Spotlight include (1) Capacity Optimizer Report, offering memory and money saved insights to operators by leveraging Pepperdata Capacity Optimizer to dynamically recapture wasted capacity. (2) Application Waste Report, comparing memory requested with actual memory utilized to help operators optimize resources by changing resource reservation parameters. (3) Application Type Report, giving operators insight on the technologies used across the cluster and the percentage of each cluster (percentage of Spark jobs, etc.), assisting executives to make more data-driven investment decisions. (4) Default Container Size Report, identifying jobs using default container size and where any waste occurred assisting operators to save money by making default container size adjustments.