Identification of personality traits using AI

Personality Traits can be detected Using the advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence)

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Identification-of-personality-traits-using-AI-300x158 Personality Traits can be detected Using the advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence)Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Informatics have developed a software system that can disclose a person’s personality traits by using Artificial Intelligence to evaluate their eye movements as in a similar manner Computers are being developed to interpret human behaviour – and now they can also analyse the way people use their eyes. A new software system is now able to process a person’s eye movements to calculate for example how neurotic, extrovert and curious they are currently in order to make human-computer collaboration more social, efficient and flexible.

Andreas Bulling, a lead of User Interface research group and Cluster of Excellence at Saarland University in Saarbrucken mentioned that the team has developed a machine learning based software system for this purpose. The software evaluates eye movements recorded by an eye tracker to predict the subject’s personality traits that eventually allows us to perceive our surroundings, eye movements are also a window into our mind like how we feel and can read the social signals sent by the eyes as a matter of course and without being aware of doing so.
Here the researchers used artificial intelligence to train their software to predict four types of personality traits used by psychologist’s likely neurotic, agreeable, extrovert and conscientious and their degree of curiosity to characterize people. “Although predictions are not yet accurate enough for practical applications, the software soon upgrades to become more reliable in the future,” says Andreas Bulling.

Andreas Bulling is also aware that the software increases the chance to open up the possibility of computer-supported personality testing feature. However, Andreas Bulling emphasizes that this technology is far from being suitable for auto mechanised and manual assistance is needed for mandatory right now because it currently requires them to wear the eye tracker in front their eye. But soon I hope the technology evaluates human personality traits with less effort, like most other inventions, it could be used to both the benefit and the detriment of humanity.