Philips Brings New IntraSight Interventional Application Platform To Image-Guided Therapies

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Philips_Brings-New-IntraSight-Interventional-Application-Platform-To-Image-Guided-Therapies Philips Brings New IntraSight Interventional Application Platform To Image-Guided TherapiesPhilips has introduced a comprehensive suite of clinically proven iFR, FFR, IVUS, and co-registration modalities, named IntraSight interventional applications platform. The platform is designed to assist physicians in advancing care for their cardiac and peripheral vascular patients. The new IntraSight Interventional app platform for image-guided therapies is a significant advance in Philips’ portfolio of systems, smart devices, software, and services. The new platform empowers physicians to concentrate on their patients that perform adequate procedures, and more confident diagnoses, as well as lessen follow-up visits.

There is a rising trend to utilize advanced catheters and pressure wires, in today’s image-guided treatments of the heart and peripheral blood vessels, which are capable of creating ultrasound images of the interior of blood vessels and perform blood pressure measurements. IntraSight delivers an exceptional user experience with a modern, instinctive interface that depreciates learning curves and enhances workflow confidence. Chief Business Leader Image Guided Therapy at Royal Philips Bert van Meurs said that “The range and complexity of cardiovascular diseases that can be treated with minimally invasive procedures continues to expand.”

Meurs further added that “Correspondingly, the procedures themselves are also becoming more complex, increasing the demands on physicians to integrate different sources of information, decide on the best course of treatment for each patient, act on that decision and confirm the treatment’s effectiveness. IntraSight is an important step forward in integrating intravascular diagnostic applications into a smart, simple and seamless workflow in the interventional lab.”