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PhotoScan, A New App For Scanning Your Old Printed Photos

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PhotoScan-A-New-App-For-Scanning-Your-Old-Printed-Photos-300x129 PhotoScan, A New App For Scanning Your Old Printed PhotosThe internet giant Google is visioning of digitizing all your printed old photographs. The company is planning to make the process as easy as opening an app. Much like a panorama shot the PhotoScan app will capture the photograph in four sections and later stitch them together. Photographing the whole photograph in one shot will produce glare and the company is trying to eliminate that factor. The app has a few smart little tricks of its own. It will realign the corners in case of an unaligned print and minor adjustments will be made by the app in order to restore color. Third party services for the same purpose take time and there is arisk of damage and loss involved and scanning the photographs in a scanner takes a lot of time said Julia Winn, a product manager for the new app.


Earlier this week Google rolled out this free app that can capture photos on thetable, an album or a picture frame. The resolution of the new app is similar to that of the flatbed scanner. The digitized photographs through this app can be stored in Google’s online photo storage service ‘Photos’ or locally on the phone as well. The Photos app is also getting new refreshments.