Piloting drones for emergency medical supplies in Puerto Rico

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Piloting-_drones_-for_-emergency_-medical_-supplies_-in-_Puerto_-Rico-300x169 Piloting drones for emergency medical supplies in Puerto RicoThe Collaboration between AT&T in the buzz now a days has a positive influence over the market where, Merck and others combines internet of things through monitoring, temperature-controlled packaging so as to help drone to get meds to remote villages. Drones are among the most anticipated and eye-catching innovations of the year WITH cutting-edge features are now being used in various fields for the betterment of living. The healthcare organizations of various types are currently working to run proofs-of-concept to pilot drone testing around the globe for medi reach.

With the recent drones experiments tested successfully in the delivery of emergency medical supplies to remote areas of Puerto Rico, the feeling effects of last year’s devastating Hurricane Maria is considerably smoothening .The proof-of-concept trial according to the temperature-control cargo containers for transporting vaccines, non-refrigerated cargo for asthma and hypertension medicines showcases the helpfulness of drones when operated in controlled operations.

The Trial involves drones flying over both land and sea, beyond line of sight in various terrines to deliver medicines to remote villages and rural locations with places that are cut off from electricity and road access for months because of the Hurricane Maria, which where first accessible only by helicopters. Drones have also been tested for healthcare purposes all over the world.

Soft box technical director Richard Wood expressed that Skypod, the IoT-enabled, temperature-controlled packaging was designed uniquely for drone applications during extreme weather conditions.