Plantronics & Polycom, post eight months merger, rebrand themselves as “Poly”

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Plantronics-Polycom-post-eight-months-merger-rebrand-themselves-as-“Poly” Plantronics & Polycom, post eight months merger, rebrand themselves as “Poly”After a successful eight months merger, Plantronics and Polycom, on Monday, Mar. 18th 2019, announced the combined company will now be rebranded as “Poly”.

In an official missive to partners, Poly described itself as the “new champion for technology that connects people, not just things,” re-bridging the authentic and meaningful “human connections” gap.

Furthermore, in an email to partners on Monday, Nick Tidd, vice president of the Global Partner Organisation for the combined company (Poly), said that all its partners will soon be able to access “one deal registration tool, one partner portal, and one partner program—In addition to a suite of new partner tools enriching your experience with us.”

In addition, Tidd also said that partners will receive access to the required tools needed to fully migrate to the new brand with Poly “brand usage guidelines, digital assets and answers to all your migration questions.”

Last year, in Jul. 2018, Plantronics, a Santa Cruz, California-based audio equipment manufacturer, acquired Polycom, a video conferencing, voice and content collaboration solution provider, for a landmark US$2 billion, in a blockbuster enterprise acquisition.

Speaking its part in rebranding as “Poly”, the company says the name Poly – a prefix that relates to “many” – signifies the company’s stance on its commitment to provide multiple modes of communication to customers, wherever and whenever they need them.

In another set of events, Poly’s rival Jabra announced on Monday, Mar. 18th 2019, that the UC monitoring companies AudioCodes and Nectar have joined its software development kit partnership program to leverage data and analytics from Jabra devices into their software tools.