Plug and Play to assist JTI with a Vapetech Incubator

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Plug-and-Play-to-assist-JTI-with-a-Vapetech-Incubator Plug and Play to assist JTI with a Vapetech IncubatorPlug and Play, a Sunnyvale, California-based network startup accelerator and technology incubator, in a recent press release statement on Friday, Mar. 7th 2019, announced its partnership with JTI, a leading tobacco brand, to run Vapetech, a program focused on improving the experience and health benefits of vaping. The program which is being launched on a global basis will have Silicon Valley as its operation epicenter and launch with the first batch of selected start-ups on Monday, Mar. 11th, 2019.

According to Saeed Amidi, Founder, and CEO of Plug and Play, the Silicon Valley-based accelerator is ever supportive of innovation in new industries. Continuing Amidi said that the team at Plug and Play believes that vaping has immense potential to reduce the health risks from smoking. The company is focused on identifying next-gen products and services, and by linking them to JTI and others, Plug and Play will continue its push forward encouraging innovation in the tobacco industry.

Plug and Play in alliance with JTI, through a global application and sourcing process, will select about 20 start-ups every year who will be tasked at brainstorming ideas and develop innovative solutions to enhance the vaping experience. Start-ups which are increasingly active in IoT (Internet of Things), Biometrics, Data, and Lifestyle fields will be part of a three-month program to develop the product and services, also they’ll have access to investment and corporate partnerships.