Plume announces AI-based IoT Security Service for the US & UK Consumers

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Plume-announces-AI-based-IoT-Security-Service-for-the-US-UK-Consumers Plume announces AI-based IoT Security Service for the US & UK ConsumersPlume, a Palo Alto, California-based intelligent Wi-Fi services delivery platform renowned for its flagship plug-into-the-wall Wi-Fi mesh ‘Pods’, as per recent reports last week, announced the expansion of its product offering portfolio. The company has now announced the general availability of Plume’s AI-based IoT security service, in its bid to dominate the global smart home platform.

Plume’s home Wi-Fi and security suite of services are now directly available to the US & UK consumers. Furthermore, the UK broadband provider – TalkTalk, has signed up Plume for its whole-home Wi-Fi offering.

The secure and intelligent home connectivity, is right now the hottest trend, selling like hotcakes, in the smart home markets, with massive growth opportunities for companies. The mindset right now in the industry is “great Wi-Fi everywhere” and a zero chance of “getting hacked”. Plume, being amongst the most aggressive and successful startups in the smart home space is garnering much attention from US consumers.

Last week, the California-based Plume announced the launch of the company’s direct-to-consumer service in the UK, allowing consumers to purchase the Plume Pods and sign up for a trio-service that includes the ‘Adaptive Wi-Fi’,  the ‘HomePass’ (offering guest access and parental controls), and the ‘Advanced IoT Protection’.

The latter implements AI and behavioral analysis techniques to safeguard today’s modern smart homes from intruders by completely isolating devices behave abnormally. The AI-based solution continually learns how to differentiate a normal usage pattern from the abnormal, thus is apt at spotting abnormalities in real time and act immediately to protect users.