Plume announces AI-driven IoT Product Security Service for the UK Customers

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Plume-announces-AI-driven-IoT-Product-Security-Service-for-the-UK-Customers Plume announces AI-driven IoT Product Security Service for the UK CustomersPlume, a Palo Alto, California-based the smart home platform, in a recent press release statement on Tuesday, Mar. 26th 2019, announced the debut of Plume’s direct-to-consumer – the modern IoT security service – along with its latest complementary hardware – the PowerPod – for the UK customers. Plume’s UK launch follows the US launch less than a year ago.

The Plume membership subscription comes with stand out features like the Adaptive WiFi™, HomePass, and advanced personalized parental controls. The platform witnessed explosive growth throughout 2018, with large scale deployments through leading innovators such as Comcast, Bell Canada, Liberty Global, and Samsung; the open sourcing of OpenSync™, the middle layer of Plume’s device software; and the platform’s expansion into several new potential markets via strategic partnerships with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) across Switzerland, Malta, the Cayman Islands, the Netherlands, and lately the UK.

The Plume Platform’s UK debut overlaps with Plume’s Advanced IoT Protection™, an AI-optimized one-of-a-kind security service for safeguarding home IoT devices, for its US and UK customers. The Advanced IoT Protection service leverages the artificial intelligence (AI) tech to identify all network-connected devices, detecting device behavior anomalies, and immediately quarantining compromised hardware or devices to prevent the breach from further expanding into the network. The Plume cloud, with its continual monitoring, learns behavior patterns of normal devices across a plethora of similar devices, it spots abnormalities in real time and acts immediately to protect users from network attacks or breaches. The Advanced IoT Protection feature, as per Plume, will be available for general access through the Plume iOS and Android app on Apr. 15th 2019 in the UK and US.

“The ever-increasing demand for smart home performance coupled with the proliferation of IoT devices means connectivity and security are merging and must be addressed jointly and comprehensively,” explained Fahri Diner, Plume’s CEO and co-founder. “Leveraging our scale as the operator of perhaps the largest software-defined-network in the world, our learnings gathered from a vast population of connected devices uniquely positions Plume to offer the most effective anomaly-based protection of IoT devices.”