Point-Of-Sale Terminal Breach At The HEI Hotels

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Point-Of-Sale-Terminal-Breach-At-The-HEI-Hotels-300x129 Point-Of-Sale Terminal Breach At The HEI HotelsOn a string of attacks on Hotels, retailers, and hospitals the latest victim is the HEI Hotels and Resorts as it reported a possible compromise of payment card information at its point-of-sale terminals. Targeting the misuse of card data as it was routed through the systems a malicious software was installed on a given property of the company which manages the Starwood, Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt and InterContinental properties at nearly 60 locations.


At certain HEI managed properties some customer’s personal card information might have been compromised who made payment card purchase at point-of-sale terminals such as food and beverage outlets. Name, payment card account number, card expiration date, and verification code might have been affected said the HEI in Norwalk, Connecticut but didn’t specify the exact number of customers. HEI said in a statement that they do not collect any credit or debit card numbers of customers, social security numbers on its own systems or collect card personal identification numbers and store them. What ever happened might have happened in a real time scenario hence they will not be contacting any potentially victimized customers. Though the company said they will cooperate with the investigation.


This kind of attack was made on Omni Hotels and Resorts in Dallas, Texas last month.