Powershell To Be Open Sourced And Brought To Mac And Linux

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Power-shell-To-Be-Open-Sourced-And-Brought-To-Mac-And-Linux-300x129 Powershell To Be Open Sourced And Brought To Mac And LinuxMicrosoft is rumored to open source PowerShell and also making a version of the tool available for the Mac OS X and Linux users. PowerShell is a scripting language and command-line Shell from Microsoft. Alpha release of PowerShell core on Linux (Red Hat, CentOS and Ubuntu) and Mac OS X is been made available by Microsoft since August 18 on GitHub as a binary release. Company officials said more platforms will be made available in the future. Both the Linux and Windows source codes for the PowerShell was made available by Microsoft.


Jeffrey Snover creator of PowerShell and Microsoft technical team mentioned in a statement that PowerShell being a .NET based application other platforms needed to have .NET onboard in order for the company to launch the application for that particular platform. The company refactored PowerShell to work on top of a particular platform once the Microsoft got .NET Core to work on Mac OS X and Linux. Snover mentioned in a statement that Microsoft will also be shipping the PowerShell Core version with Nano Servers for Windows server 2016. People building management tool with OMS (Operation Management Suite), people who want to standardize on a specific set of tools and people who want to manage heterogeneous estates will want this he added.