Predictions For Artificial General Intelligence Market By 2023

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Predictions_for-Artificial-General-Intelligence-Market-By-2023 Predictions For Artificial General Intelligence Market By 2023Artificial General Intelligence referred to as intelligence of a machine which could effectively perform any intellectual task that a human being can. While most current Artificial Intelligence solutions are limited in terms of the type and issues, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) can be used to solve problems in the variety of domains and industry verticals including transforming customer service, 3D design, financial trading, securing public facility and personnel, healthcare solution, highly personalized target marketing, recommendation engines, automotive smart mobility, online search, and others.

While AGI is rapidly evolving in many areas, Artificial General Intelligence Market is expected to reach USD 50.8 billion by 2023, at a strong CAGR of 42 percent. The market analyzed the leading players, technology integration, potential services, and application ecosystem. Published by InForGrowth, the market report profiles major companies that are responsible for the market including Amazon, Apple, AT&T Speech API, Digital Reasoning Systems Inc., Brighterion Inc., CloudMinds, Diffbot, Facebook Inc., Fair Isaac Corporation, General Electric (GE),  General Vision Inc., Google Inc.,, HPE, IBM Corp., , SK Telecom, SparkCognition Inc., Tellmeplus,, TensorFlow. It also includes Vital AI, Wipro HOLMES, Infosys Nia, Intel Corporation,, Nuance Communications Inc.,,, Zebra Medical Vision Inc.

The report also evaluated the AI agent market and the relationship between General Purpose AI with other technologies including edge computing, 5G networks, and Blockchain. Further, it found that the healthcare industry to surpass other industry verticals and reach USD 8.2 billion by 2023. On the basis of region, North America will dominate the general-purpose AI market and touch to a sum of USD 17.2 billion by 2023.