Predictions for Roles of AI and Quantum Computers In Transforming Business and Consumer Products in 2019

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Predictions_for-Roles-of-AI-and-Quantum-Computers-In-Transforming-Business-and-Consumer-Products-in-2019 Predictions for Roles of AI and Quantum Computers In Transforming Business and Consumer Products in 2019In CES 2019, IBM Chairman, President and CEO Ginni Rometty will give the Keynote on 8th January through discussing how technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Quantum, when built on a foundation of trust and transparency, will radically convert business and community for the betterment.

According to the statement by Dr. John Smith, Head of AI Tech at IBM Research regarding what IBM has been able to do in AI Research in the year 2018 and the three anticipated leading Artificial Intelligence trends that will start in 2019, he perceives AI progressing from Narrow AI to Broad AI to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Smith said that this is pursuing to advance in three main ways, more fairness, and precision; offering explanations that can build trust in the answers; and robustness means not having right answers or totally wrong answers.  The computer hardware company perceives three AI trends; in first, the company considers AI will shift recognizing correlations to causation.  Smith said that he believes this means that they are able to augment the statistical certainty of the relationships but also create virtual confirmation tests. They would need to divide the data into learning data sets and experimenting with causation data sets. In second, they will enhance the trustability of AI, it means solving the explanation issues. And in third, they perceive an increasing role and significance for quantum computers with AI.

AI will be a global surge in self-driving autos to image and speech recognition and data analysis. As per the predictions report from Allied Market Research, AI will exceed USD1969 billion by 2025, up from USD4 billion in the year 2016. Dozens of companies led by and search engine Google will drive the development of AI-powered devices in homes, this year.