Project Bletchley Microsoft’s new Brainchild

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Project-Bletchley-Microsoft’s-new-Brainchild-300x129 Project Bletchley Microsoft’s new BrainchildMicrosoft a few days back divulged a new addition called ‘Project Bletchley’, which will be used to extend ‘Blockchain Technology’ to build an ecosystem of Enterprise application on top of it. The idea is to get distributed ledger technology by using the new secure Middleware.

Project Bletchley is a set of two tools ‘Cryptlets’ & ‘Blockchain Middleware’. Cryptlets allows companies to import data outside a Blockchain system without breaking the security of the system, while the later can be used by companies to add services which aren’t natively available in Blockchain.

“The new tools are analogous to how computing progressed after the introduction of Internet,” said Marley Gray, Director of Blockchain business development and strategy at Microsoft. Similarly, companies add Middleware to deal with the limitations of a client-server architecture. Blockchain Middleware will lead to more powerful applications, he added. Blockchain being the future of business, this introduction could escort Microsoft in the path of becoming the leading providers of Blockchain services.

The company has already partnered with R3CEV, a consortium of more than 40 Banks, to use Blockchain-as-a-service offering.  The availability of Cryptlets& Middleware for use with a verity of programming languages has their own added benefits. Regardless of what Blockchain Platform the company uses they can practice Cryptlets and Blockchain Middleware.