Proper Perimeter Security Critical To Minimize Losses

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Proper-Perimeter-Security-Critical-To-Minimize-Losses Proper Perimeter Security Critical To Minimize LossesThe world today is proliferating with excessive violence, especially towards campuses and businesses, forcing business owners and campus stakeholders to look for different perimeter security options that can help minimize the damage caused by these uncanny social elements.

A sound practice when it comes to perimeter security is to not just look at what has happened, but also anticipate what can happen. Additionally, businesses and campuses must also be aware of other less violent but equally important potential problems that may arise unexpectedly.

Looking at the NFPA 730, a guide for premises security, by the National Fire Protection Association, one can take key planning strategies from the Concentric Circles of Protection: deter, detect, delay and respond, from which one can build on a comprehensive and layered premise protection program.

The first layer of campus protection is always the perimeter, thus when one evaluates a campus, it’s critical that they start vulnerability assessment from the perimeter.

By employing Surveillance Cameras, Advanced License Plate Recognition System (ALPR), Fences, Gate controls, & Emergency Call Systems, one can build on the first step to tackling perimeter breach menace, i.e. detecting the intruder/s.

The most significant of these is the ALPR. ALPR comes equipped with optical character reading that is apt at converting the vehicle’s license plate image to a data stream that is automatically checked against various available blacklist databases to immediately report an unwanted visitor.

Next is the Deter & Delay. Products that can come handy in these stages are bollards and planters along with changes in the campus physical structure. Also, looking at typical means of entry and areas of mass gatherings, keeping in mind that these structures have multiple uses, one must ensure that these areas are properly lit, as it’s a critical safety feature.

And finally comes the response, one must have a system in place to integrate all these activities, i.e. deter, detect, delay, and respond to effectively solve perimeter breach menace. Here, comes in the enterprise-class access control system, that integrates all the various security products, i.e. cameras, fence alarms, door position switches, flow valves, smoke detectors, vaping detectors (this issue seems to be growing at alarming rates), mapped into one single customized monitoring platform.