Providence PD brings in Ordinance to curb the False Alarm menace

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Providence-PD-brings-in-Ordinance-to-curb-the-False-Alarm-menace Providence PD brings in Ordinance to curb the False Alarm menaceThe Providence Police Department, in an initiative to curb false alarms, as per recent reports this week, has implemented a new false alarm ordinance with a mandatory requirement for all residential and commercial alarm systems to be registered online.

In an attempt to reduce the time and resources wasted by the police in responding to false fire and intrusion alarms, the Providence PD has taken this measure. As per the terms mentioned in this new false alarm ordinance, repeat offenders will have to pay a fine.

As per a report brought forth by the Providence PD, of the 14,587 calls to which officers responded in 2017, a whopping 12,910 were nuisance alarms. In its statement the department said responding to false alarms “puts an extreme burden on public safety resources, reducing the manpower that is needed to respond to credible emergency situations that are occurring in the city.”

Although it has been mandated to register residential and commercial alarm systems, the car alarms and life alert systems, have been excluded from this ordinance. Alarm owners will now have to cough up a $10 annual fee towards the alarm permit.

“Excessive false alarms cost the City thousands of dollars each year, prevent police and fire department personnel from responding to true emergencies, and act as a nuisance to surrounding homes and businesses,” Providence Safety Commissioner Steven Paré says. “In many cases when officers are responding to a call for a false alarm, they find no evidence of criminal activity. This ordinance has been created to hold alarm owners accountable and to do their part to prevent false alarms from occurring in the first place.”

Under the terms of the new policy, alarm users will be fined after two nuisance alarm calls. Furthermore, there will be a $100 fine for the third call, a $200 fine for the fourth call, and a $400 fine for the fifth call.