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Pupil At Queen Marry To Learn E-Discovery

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Pupil-At-Queen-Marry-To-Learn-E-Discovery-300x129 Pupil At Queen Marry To Learn E-DiscoveryA new course supported by kCura and Anexys law students from the Queen Mary University of London have started studying e-Discovery. The United Kingdom so far appear to be trailing where many universities in the United States have started providing practical technology training incorporated into their law courses. With guest lectures from leading practitioners and lawyers who have in-depth access to kCura’s e-disclosure software, Relativity will be included in the course. Maggie Healey litigator with specializing in e-Discovery at The Review People put together the whole course. While the course will be instructed by John Chan, director of technical services at Anexsys.


Chan said in a statement that that are excited to be the part of this pioneering course for the upcoming generation of lawyers. As it is often underappreciated how difficult it can be to clutch, the utter range of technical trials presented by e-disclosure but it seems like the generation Y will have a strong foundation in technology. The applied component of this course will quite a long way towards preparing students for dealing with contemporary e-disclosure.”


Through association with Neota Logic to help students build apps to help advance access to justice, U.S. Universities like Chicago Kent and Georgetown have long merged a technology module within their legal training.