Pypy Awarded As Mozilla’s Open Source Support

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PyPy-awarded-as-Mozilla’s-Open-Source-Support-300x129 Pypy Awarded As Mozilla’s Open Source SupportA $200,000 has been awarded as part of Mozilla’s Open Source Support initiative to PyPy, the Python implementation that uses a compiler optimized for speed. The money will be used for funding 3.5 support in PyPy, mentioned the PyPy team in a blog post.


Similar to the default python 3 & 2 applications which are developed separately, PyPy supports Python 3 through a different version of the interpreter. Many major changes added to the Python language recently are not included in the version 3.3 which is supported by PyPy.


Including the performance and its copytext layer, the target, in the long run, is to develop a PyPy3 which will be as good as PyPy2, wrote the developers in a blog post. There has been an outgoing effort to improve the situation of C extensions which make up a big part of Pythons culture of third party software which haven’t worked well in recent past. Python 3 has become familiar enough with the developers and a recognizable number of libraries are now compatible with it which is a good news as it is expected for Python 2 to lose support by 2020. General PyPy development and Python 3 are the two PyPy projects that contribute in money raising for the three key initiative around the project.