Qlik’s Data Catalyst 4.0 Enhances Enterprise Data Management

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Qlik’s_Latest-Data-Catalyst-4.0-Enhances-Enterprise-Data-Management Qlik’s Data Catalyst 4.0 Enhances Enterprise Data ManagementRadnor, Pennsylvania-based Qlik keep implementing on its mission to offer enterprise clients with end-to-end data management and analytics solutions with the release of Qlik Data Catalyst 4.0. The Qlik’s latest version now supports solitary server and AWS-based architectures, adhering the rising enterprise requirements for an agile solution to organizing and combining raw, incongruent data sources for analytics wherever they reside.

This progression in Data Catalyst 4.0 supporting data sources further than Hadoop will permit enterprises to trounce their overall challenge of data management and ease of use of analytics across the organization. Qlik Data Catalyst is growing to meet user data management requirements wherever their data exists and in whatever form it takes. It brings more order and value to all of an organization’s data today and in the coming days, Qlik’s Managing Director of Enterprise Data Management, Paul Barth said.  The software company identifies that while lots of large companies have the infrastructure and skill set to allow on-premise Hadoop clusters, many others are seeking a simpler solution.

Qlik Data Catalyst 4.0 now permits customers to systematize, curate and list data on a single server without a Hadoop cluster, instead utilizing a Linux instance with flat files managed through HSQL. And clients have the comfort of realizing their data will be secure, as these instances will control native Linux OS security that is often used by Fortune 500 companies for susceptible data and processes. Qlik Data Catalyst 4.0 comprises Expanded Data Relationships, Deeper Qlik Analytics Platform® Integration, and Improved User Experience. The latest Qlik Data Catalyst also carries several new features to support consumers gain more insights and advantage from the available smart data catalog.