Qualcomm’s Demonstrations Show AI Could Reduce The Tech From Smartphones

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Qualcomm’s_Demonstrations_Show-AI-Could-Reduce-The-Tech-From-Smartphones Qualcomm’s Demonstrations Show AI Could Reduce The Tech From SmartphonesMultinational semiconductor and telecom equipment firm Qualcomm announced Snapdragon 855 for smartphones and Snapdragon 8cx for PCs at its Snapdragon Summit last month include big leaps in virtually every momentous benchmark like CPU and GPU performance. But in this Smartphone epoch where few Smartphone apps push the mobile experience forward, the San Diego-based company demonstrated how Artificial Intelligence advancements can go well beyond the photo quality optimizations that have become extensively deployed by leading Smartphone vendors.

The Qualcomm’s demonstrations only an indication of the sort of wizardry AI can gather made some of the strongest cases to date regarding how AI-powered computations can improve the Smartphone experience beyond the photo advancement that has been one of the leading appearances so far. Another manifestation illustrated the ability to advance the focus and bokeh of a photo that had already been taken or to alter it after the fact in a manner pioneered by the first Lytro camera.

But one major question is how effective these techniques are, at least when it comes to hardware. For instance, noise-canceling techniques, these days, utilize compound microphones in order to detain and gag distractions like jet engine noise that has seeped into the cabin. So in contrast, Qualcomm’s AI-based noise reduction demonstration showed that it needs only one microphone. In the same way, while the type depth-sensing that allows tasks like background blurring generally utilizes several cameras, the manifestations that the company offered utilized only one. All these applications draw attention to the ability of AI to identify and cut off different sorts of media objects and then perform on them to enhance an experience.