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Quantum Computing Is Considered The Future Of Encrypting The Secure Data

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Quantum-Computing-Is-Considered-The-Future-Of-Encrypting-The-Secure-Data-300x129 Quantum Computing Is Considered The Future Of Encrypting The Secure DataThe powerful encryptions that we use today project sensitive corporate data such as bank transaction and defend government secrets can easily be cracked using the powerful Quantum computer of the future. Encryptions that rely on quantum physics is the next target of the researchers. Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) is one of many such approaches, where the photons present in the laser light are used to encrypt quantum communication that was primarily sent over fiber optic cables.


Data can securely flow through fiber optic connection where two photons at the either end of the fiber optic medium are linked in a very secure way. The communication will remain secure in case of a tampering as the quantum state of the destination will change and key required for the decryption will not work. The National Science Foundation (NSF) said today the quantum communication can only be demonstrated in labs because the low temperature needed to operate the quantum mechanics is very hard to sustain in the natural environment. On 8th of August NSF awarded $12 million to six research teams with 26 members at the top institutions and universities.


China launched a Quantum Communication Satellite known as Micius and 202MB of data was sent back to the ground next day.