Rainbird Introduces Artificial Intelligence Certification Program For Improving Businesses AI Skills

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Rainbird_Introduces-Artificial-Intelligence-Certification-Program-For-Improving-Businesses-AI-Skills Rainbird Introduces Artificial Intelligence Certification Program For Improving Businesses AI SkillsArtificial Intelligence-powered automated decision-making platform Rainbird has introduced an AI program, known as The Rainbird University Certification Program, recognized by Mozilla’s Open Badge platform. The three stages of AI and knowledge authoring qualification program will enable the business world to develop their own AI-optimized automation use cases to streamline the best practice decision making.

Rainbird’s automated decision-making platform is exclusive because it is modeled on human expertise rather than the obscure data-driven matrixes that underpin Machine Learning. Its platform replicates the human assessment process and is designed to manage ambiguity and uncertainty just like a human subject matter expert would. The advantage of having an AI platform administered by expert-down human rules is that a company’s subject matter expert can offer clarity on decisions the platform makes. The Rainbird Certification Program is intended to provide these subject matter experts the skills and confidence they require to make this transformation into a certified AI creator. The cornerstone of the company’s customer training initiatives includes The Rainbird University Certification Programme- This program is delivered by utilizing blended learning that integrates traditional face-to-face training with eLearning through Rainbird’s Learning Management System; The Rainbird University. With building the subject matter expert students’ confidence and knowledge, it is also helping to embed and improve understanding of basic AI context, all through to advanced system architect-level knowledge.

Rainbird’s Certification Program is structured into three stages of learning: Foundation Certificate — a pre-requisite for the other certifications, the entry level qualification concentrates on providing users a basic knowledge of AI, where Rainbird belongs in the broader AI context and the fundamentals of knowledge mapping. Professional Certificate — a more advanced and intensive task-driven focus on knowledge mapping methods. And third, Architect Certificate — the pinnacle qualification aimed to embed, develops and certifies students’ skills. It brings participants into the five core competencies required to be an architect-level knowledge author, focusing on working in collaboration with others to build knowledge maps, develop existing maps, improve basic maps, evaluate and solve issues, and question and analyze knowledge maps.