RapidSOS hoists USD30-million to develop Emergency Data Platform

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RapidSOS_hoists_USD30-million_to_develop_Emergency_Data_Platform RapidSOS hoists USD30-million to develop Emergency Data PlatformA New York-based startup, RapidSOS has announced Tuesday this week that it builds software to automatically transmit data to emergency responders from 911 callers, raised USD30 million in Series B funding.

The company’s website noted that the funding will advance the work that RapidSOS has been doing for the past six months, including the improvement of software to automatically send a 911 caller’s location and other crucial data to responders in an emergency; working with over 30 public-safety software vendors to incorporate rich data into their systems; allowing that technology on devices and software from Google, Apple, Uber, Microsoft, and Waze; and expanding the reach of RapidSOS’ most popular product, NG911Clearinghouse that is used by over 1,500 public safety agencies in the U.S. covering upward of 180 million people.

The latest funding round, which is led by Silicon Valley firm Playground Global, brought the total investment behind RapidSOS’ platform to USD65 million. RapidSOS’ website calls this total one of the leading R&D investments in public safety technology in recent history. CEO and co-founder at RapidSOS, Michael Martin stated that the investment will help the startup meet demand since it grew last year from 10,000 customers to 250 million as it acquired partners and clients around the country.

RapidSOS’ website pointed out that Internet of Things (IoT) partners use its platform to send data to an ambulance from wearable devices, phones, vehicles, and smoke- or air-sensing devices.