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RAVN ACE’s New Robot For Legal Professional Honor

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RAVN-ACE’s-New-Robot-For-Legal-Professional-Honor-300x129 RAVN ACE’s New Robot For Legal Professional HonorRAVN Systems launched a tool on 27 September to automate the evaluation of possibly legally privileged material, which is applauded by the legal industry with as much caution as excitement. Its AI tool RAVN ACE (Applied Cognitive Engine) powers the tool. Allowing customers to conclude if the material in litigation as well as other document types is subject to LPP. The conventional manual efforts efficiency has been surpassed by the robot and is 80 percent faster. Supervised iterative machine learning models are incorporated into the robot, which means it will get better over time. The lawyers can adjust acceptable classification accuracy level.


In litigation, the privileged call has long been the corresponding of football’s offside rule, it is highly subjective and no two people would essentially make the same call when offered with the same document in context said Jonathan Maas, senior director and Litigation Support Technology Group steering member.


Although it sounds cool but is dangerous stuff, he added. He further mentioned without strict checking as an incorrect call on opportunity can seriously damage a party’s position if their strategy became public. It does not matter how many clawback matters are in place. Although it will make a serious dent in the costs usually associated with the groundwork stages of litigation if it works.