Razer Acquired THX With A Vision Of Future Gaming

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razer-300x160 Razer Acquired THX With A Vision Of Future GamingTHX well known for its Lucasfilm deep, powerful sound has been acquired by Razer the company known for its Gaming accessories. To make sure “Return of the Jedi” felt right in theaters the THX was created by George Lucas with true to the original sound. Audiovisual systems were been certified by the company ever since including consumer products such as Onkyo A/V receivers, Panasonic TVs, and Lincon Cars. The two brands to add up as a single entertainment powerhouse is anticipated by Razer. However, the terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.


According to Min-Liang Tan and Ty Ahmad-Taylor CEOs of Razer and THX respectively mentioned that neither of the brands are going away but will operate independently. Both the companies are going to have their own directions, own customer base and will operate with own management and vision as well. Ahmad-Taylor said in a statement that Razer will retain all of the THX’s current crew and THX will hire a few more for the expansion of core certification business. The two major companies will work together rather than cross branding their products.


Tan said that there is a huge potential to have the THX experience applied in new categories such as special surround sound and virtual reality.